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I have been engraving since the early 1990's and can now offer all types of scroll and engraving styles.  I consider myself an artist first and a engraver second.  Although it is not difficult for me to draw or paint very realistic animals, it took quite a few years to learn to engrave them.  

Most of the engraving pictures featured in this website show three dimensional animals.  I first remove the metal and sculpt the animal features with the aid of a microscope.  Then I use engraving techniques for details and shading.  If the animal is in a metal that can be blued, I can remove some of the bluing to give it  a pen and ink drawing effect.  This is a very unique style that makes the animal more realistic than standard engraving .

Hopefully the photo's of my engraving  speak for themselves.  I have the ability to recreate a favorite trophy or animal if I am provided a quality photo for an example.  

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