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Alvin Leroy Biesen passed away on April 14, 2016.  He was 98 years old

Our family would like to thank everyone for all of the kind jestures in our time of grief.


One of our closest family friends said to us......

"There are two deaths that all of us face -

The first is the passing of our bodies, the death that everyone experiences.  

The second is the last time that someone speaks about you, your accomplishments, your character and remembers the person that you were."


We hope that our family patriarch, the great Al Biesen will never experience a "second death"!!!

We were so moved by this saying, that we thought is more than worthy of including on our website.



Definition: "a record of ownership of a work of art or an antique, used as a guide to authenticity or quality"


We receive calls on a weekly basis asking for information on Biesen guns. Hopefully I can answer some of these questions:

First and foremost...."imitation is the finest form of flattery"  There are many people who have copied Al Biesen's work from the time Jack O'Connor made him famous.  Anywhere there is money to be made you will come across counterfeit work.

The standard marking of a Biesen rifle...  If the top of the Barrel reads either Al or Roger Biesen (some times it lists both names) Gunmaker Spokane WA.  If there are no markings on the barrel, then on the inside of the stock (underneath the barrel) at the forend will have a stamp that reads Al Biesen, Spokane WN.  If the rifle does not have these markings then it is probably not a Biesen rifle.  

Other times people with Biesen rifles call to find out details of the history of the weapon.  Since I am the only one of the group that is computer literate we do not have any computerized records.  No data bases the have details based on serial numbers.  If you have ever visited the gunshop you would see the "Cigar box" filing system that has been used for 50 plus years.  Those boxes (records) are based on our current clients with specific work order details.  As you can understand for confidentiality reasons we cannot give out any details on our clients and have really no way to access any information on past orders.  

Additionally we are not in a position to estimate the value or sell your weapons for you.  We recommend that you contact your closest Cabella's store.   They have a very knowledgeable staff that can give accurate estimates of the fair market value of your weapon plus they have huge customer base to sell to.

The only phone number I have listed on the website is my cell number.  If you need to contact the gunshop directly, please remember that we are located in Spokane, Washington in the Pacific time zone.  

Paula Biesen-Malicki


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